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The Crest Gastropub flagship restaurant opened its doors in the Clintonville neighborhood on Earth Day 2013 as the first full-service restaurant owned and operated by A&R Creative Group. The Crest Gastropub on Parsons Avenue quickly followed in 2015. The Crest is driven to provide excellent service, locally-grown & locally-sourced foods, and innovative, seasonal menus all with a commitment to our environment and community.


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what we do

We grow as much food as possible in our carefully-designed raised beds and rooftop gardens at the Crest Garden at our Clintonville restaurant. Food that is picked to eat tastes so much better than food that is picked to ship, so we take our ability to grow very seriously. The Crest Garden allows us to create a dish that is delicious, nutritionally dense, and environmentally thoughtful.

What we can’t grow in our garden, we source from our strong Ohio farmer network. The love our local farmers and growers pour into their products is the highlight of our favorite dishes

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OUR Community

We love being a part of our communities. Clintonville is a warm and generous place and we hope our restaurant reflects those characteristics. Schumacher Place & the Near Southside area are a mixture of established and new vibrant neighborhoods. Being a part of this growth has been a delight.

Each of these neighborhoods have strong community nonprofits that work hard to encourage strong ties within the area. Our relationships with these local organizations are some of our most treasured commitments. Organizations that support food security & access and urban environmental action projects are some of our favorites.


A&R Creative Group

A&R Creative Group is a family-owned restaurant group in Columbus, Ohio.

The mission of our work is to foster local commerce by contributing to the local economy & food systems through strategic partnerships, innovative community-driven businesses, and environmentally sustainable practices.

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